Planning & Consulting
While listening to our customers needs, your professional design consultant will sketch all areas to be curbed and give each section a measurement for your review.
Mapping & Trenching
We will then mark off the agreed upon areas to be curbed. If we are altering your flower bed shapes or making new beds, we will mark them off and get your approval before we begin to trench the ground.
Once the layout is correct, we begin ground preparation by using specially designed bed-edgers to create a clean and level base. All of the mulched grass is raked out and bagged for proper disposal.
Coloring & Pouring
The color of your new curbing is carefully weighed out by the ounce and poured directly into the mixer to create a uniformly colored curb.
The concrete is mixed to our exact specifications with DIAMOND grade D.O.T. sand, type 1 Portland Cement, and fibermesh reinforcement
Machine Work
The specifically formulated concrete is shoveled into an extrusion machine, which compacts the concrete and pushes it through any of five different mold shapes.
Levelers are used on the machine to ensure that your new curb is smooth and level.
The curb will follow the natural contours of the land. Dips or uneven ground will be raked and filled with compaction sand before we begin laying your new curb.
Troweling & Impressions
Every inch of your new curb will be troweled to perfection. Troweling takes a lot of experience and we have it. We are looking for levelness, imperfections, cleaning of excess concrete, and making sure all lines are straight.
Specifically designed textured rollers are used to apply an imprint into the wet cement forever. There are multiple different textures to choose from.
Impressions are then stamped into the curb PERMANENTLY to create many different patterns. Once the curb has been textured and stamped, it is then sealed with industrial grade acrylic sealer
Review & Great Pride
Our final step is our most important step. We take great pride in each of our jobs and it's very important to us to get feedback from our customers at the end of each job. If we need to change something while the cement is still wet, we will do our best to accommodate, within reason. We will ask our customers to walk each of their new sections with us to ensure that you are 110% SATISFIED. This final step ensures us of great customer service and word of mouth advertising!
  • Before Photo of a customers yard
    Before the Lawn Enhancements
  • Professionals from Curb Appeal Curbing hard at work
    New Sod for the new Curbing!
  • Professionals from Curb Appeal Curbing hard at work
    Hard At Work!
  • Professionals from Curb Appeal Curbing hard at work
    Curb Appeal Curbing Men Hard At Work!
  • Curb appeal Curbing Professionals assessing their work done
    Reviewing & Taking Pride!
  • Great new front garden with a custom colored and patterned lawn curb
    Very Nice Addition!
  • Great new yard by Curb Appeal curbing
    Unreal new landscape and custom curbing
  • Beautiful new landscape and custom concrete curbing
    Great new lawn and curbing!
  • Custom pattern for this new concrete curb
    Great New Curbing
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